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custom t shirts with glitter lettering_custom shirt lettering

Very pleased . Fit is just right
I love this purse! I had been looking for a blush pink purse and had been unable to find one that was what I wanted.This one checked off all the boxes.
Size, not too big where everything falls to the bottom and hard to find. Fits well on the shoulder.
Color, a light blush color that matches everything.
Hobo style, love the length of the handle, and the hardware on the strap makes it look expensive.
The material is soft and could easily pass for leather! There was no strange smell.
This is a great purse at an excellent price!!
I was impressed straight out of the box!
Perfect Christmas earrings. I love love love these!
Bought these as summer yard work shirts. I want to stay covered up from the sun as much as possible and much of my summer outdoor work is getting firewood for the winter so I need long sleeves. But I also wanted something that was light colored (cooler in the sun), absorbent, and light weight. I couldn't find a button-down work shirt like that, and these fit the bill nicely.
Faded fast and studs fell out
Perfect comfortable
I purchased this item for my husband and it fits lovely and is super soft as well. Definitely recommended
I bought several of these for granddaughters. Very nice.
To small
Purchased a black, size large sweatshirt. Have had good luck with other Amazon Essentials clothing. This sweatshirt was way too small. Also the design of how the sleeves meet the shoulder is more like a shirt rather than a sweatshirt. Most sweatshirts have the sleeves meet the shoulder well off the curve of the shoulder. This Essentials sweatshirt is designed more like a dress shirt in this respect. It just looks odd.
I ordered this wallet as replacement for my previous wallet. The previous one I had lasted my over 8 years of everyday use. I was a little hesitant getting this wallet for two reason. 1) I was emotionally attached to my old wallet 2) I've never been a fan of money clips.

Let me just say, I haven't looked back since I started using it. It fits every card I have, and ten some!
I currently have in there: 2 Debit cards, 1 Venmo Card, 2 Casino cards (For casinos I frequent to play Poker), 1 Credit Card, 1 Health insurance HRA Card, 1 Drivers License, 1 P.B.A. Card, 2 Rewards cards for my job, and 10 Business cards (5 stacked, in the furthest back pocket, on each side) and about $100 cash in various bills.

This thing is AWESOME!! I get compliments on it all the time, and don't think I'll ever go back to a traditional wallet.

The ONLY thing negative, and this is a personal preference, is that you can't safely remove the money clip with out ruining the integrity of the wallet. I've gotten over it to a point, but I still think it would be a nice feature.
I liked them so much I ordered two more packs. Fits really well and feels good with my tennis shoes all day! Never feel hot with them on.
First I have to say that the material is very comfortable. However, these briefs are super short and on top of being short they ride up almost as soon as you start walking. Constantly jerking at your crotch to dig them out. Because of their short length and constant need for adjustment they should not fall into the category of boxer-briefs. I would classify these more or less as boy briefs.
Super cute purse and color matches the picture. Only problem is I bought it as a gift and the metal pieces are very scratched as they were NOT protected by plastic. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing as a gift because it looks slightly used now. Otherwise a good purchase, so far.
I read reviews before I decided to order the size I generally buy. This shirt is a bit on the larger size but I think it's perfect because it feels comforting with it's baggy folds. Nice and warm.
Very comfortable. Really like these shirts
Just the right size, lots of space with bright colored lining, not heavy, I would buy it again.
This is literally the cutest travel bag I've found! I ordered the regular size grey bag, and it looks even better then the picture they showed. It's the perfect size for your everyday travel, can hold a laptop, hoodie/shoes whatever it may be, and the side pouches fit a water bottle great! On the back there is also a zipper that's perfect to put your wallet or passport in too. Also the tea and passport cover were just the cherry on top!
It's a great product to buy
I bought these for my 11yr old son. He's about 5'0 & 110lbs. I was impressed by the quality. Very thick material & well made. I have already washed them 3 or 4 times with no pilling of the fabric or shrinkage. Can't beat the price either. I plan on ordering more.
just what i was hopeing for.very nice just what i was looking for.this Oveynesin causal belt, is real leather.this company is first rate,and fast delivery.I will buy from them any
I have an 11.5 foot and the sock fit it perfect. if you are 8 or below good luck. My feet like them.
Cheap crap. As soon as I sweated, the colors all ran. One use and now worthless. Don’t waste your time or money.
Good quality....will buy more
I have had several pairs of these glasses over the years, they are very comfotable both on the face and the eyes. Product arrived fast and as described. Great product at great price!
My little one hasn't stopped wearing it, very sparkly and good quality for the price. Excellent play jewelry for those who love Sofia the First
just what I was looking for fit perfit
Perfect level of thickness and keeps you comfortable all day wether at the office, or in the field.
Material is very soft and it's more breathable than any other mask I've worn. I really like that I can keep it around my neck and just pull it up when I need to. Unless it's really hot, I don't even realize it's around my neck because it's so soft and light.
Mask provides adequate eye opening and fits snugly around goggles. Well designed product!
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