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By far, my go to hat for camping, backing, and outdoor work. Love this product and held up well while studying abroad in New Zealand!!
I was looking for an eyeglass holder for my car - something that would fit in my cup holder so I could put my glasses in a safe spot when I wear my sunglasses for driving. This is perfect! The fleecy lining protects my lenses which is what is most important to me. As an FYI - the base is attached to the holder with a magnet - I leave the base at home and simply put the holder in my car cup holder.
Nothing bad to say about them...Hanes is always a nice, comfortable brand to wear. My husband, brothers and nephews all love the brand and love these boxers which they state are extremely comfy!
They are okay socks just not what I'm looking for. 01/09/2018 - Update. Well, I don't think they last very long, after three months they have had it. This may be okay as to the cost but I was hoping for more. I'm going to look for thicker ones, ones that have more cushion.
thumbs up
This one is definitely one of my fav wallets i have ever had. The features are really cool in many ways. the set up is really cool and was a plus for mw
Got the bracelet yesterday. It was as advertised, and I like it a lot. I'm sure that the band will wear over time, but at the moment it fits my wrist very well. I have pretty small wrists though.
I ordered a small, thinking it would be baggy since its a mens size. But, I was wrong, it fits a bit a tight for my taste. I immediately started a return process and I was told to keep it and that they would refund my money anyway. They did, so I bough 2 more. Im happy with a medium. Fabric is cozy, good for cool nights or a cold office/room..
Like the glasses. They're sharp and durable. Customer service has been excellent anytime I've talked with them.
I ordered relaxed fit and received regular fit. Returned them because they were the wrong size and received the same thing again.
In this pack you can pretty much find any color that will coordinate with any shirt and tie. Sometimes it's better to coordinate than match perfectly. Loved the added square holder.
I love it. It looks great.
These are good everyday socks.
ive been using this product for a couple of years now. Mostly due to having a weak core and it usually helps stabilize and support my core and lower back.
I love how there are so many parts in case you dont want to carrY the whole bag and its spaced out and not heavy
Cant beat the price for this bag! Its sturdy and large enough for my lesson planner, iPad and normal purse items. Came in faster than I expected!
They look great !!
They're pretty, but so small :-(
Well made prewashed soft good quality cotton shirt, not too thick of heavy, perfect for warm weather
Strong and durable
Great red suspenders, my older handicapped brother loves them.
Good product and just what they promised, everything arrived well
Great size. Purchased one for my mother
The watch was perfect for a kindergartner. Numerals were easy to read. Watch fit nicely.
These are the first socks I have purchased that do just what is promised. They do not show and better yet they do not slip. The sole of the socks are somewhat thicker than the ventilated top, just enough to add some comfort.

My feet get hot and these socks helped to keep them cooler than if I had on a pair of my usually socks.
These are going to be my go to socks from now on. I will try some of their other styles when I need more socks.


When I received my order, I thought there had been an error because I found only three pairs of socks instead of the six I had been anticipating. M & Z got back to me right away and explained that they had two ways of packaging, one was the socks arrive rolled in pairs or on cardboard inserts. After looking I found that indeed there were more socks on the cardboard inserts. In my defense, M & Z are not kidding when they claim these socks will not show. They don't. In the mean time, M & Z sent me another style of sock that I will be reviewing at a later time.
I really am loving this bag. Fits a ton in it! Pockets are nice! Quality and durable material. Strong straps that dont dig into your shoulders. Love this matte brown color very very happy with it!ère-Mesdames-Synthétiqu