blu 17 Inch Felt Backpack|how to design your own shoes and sell them_design and sell shoes online

how to design your own shoes and sell them_design and sell shoes online

These are not made of cotton anymore. Nothing like a hanes t-shirt. 3rd world junk
Loved them
Love these shirts. Soft and comfortable. Fit as expected.
I am happy with the product
Woodies + Beach = Better Beach!
The picture and description is way off . Feels like I am wearing a handkerchief . I won't send back its to much trouble but I would like a refund and I will donate them to homeless people .
Beautiful and stylish. Love the shape of the flower and how it looks. Would definitely recommend buying this ring!
They stay on my baby! Great!
Mine fell apart the second time I washed it!!!
Cute, great quality. I love it!
Just about everybody I know who rides a Harley wears these sunglasses...they fit well, look good on everybody and are reasonably priced in case you lose a pair. My husband likes them because your eyes don't tear up while riding versus his friend who bought the pricey Harley sunglasses and his eyes teared up and he didn't look as good as the people wearing the KD's..I loove that they come in so many colors too. I love the yellow tinted ones for night riding and the purple lenses for everyday use.

Very hard to put on my feet. This is supposed to be 13 - 16 & I have 13 narrow feet. I also have arthritic hands, and the only way to get these socks on is to painfully roll them on starting at the toes.
I bought them for my 5 year old granddaughter for Christmas who is afraid to get her ears pierced but wants to wear earrings. They are so cute and seem to be good quality. I tried them on for comfort and they didn’t hurt at all but pinched enough to stay on. I know my granddaughter will absolutely love them
Awesome purchase! New favorite hat!
Nice tight heavier
Nice low crown, thus making it a much better looking option compared to a regular trucker hats; has all the pluses of a mesh snap-back without the silly tall crown. Also the straight, flat bill is a great touch.
Great gift
These keep me from losing my glasses. Works great. It’s comfortable to wear and completely adjustable so you can keep your glasses from sliding down your nose. It’s made with a strong, thin, coated cable so it’s built to last. I really am happy with mine and plan to get my mom one for Christmas.
this was really cute and spun beautifully.
Great size. I have a bout 10 cards and my license installed. I've only had it a few weeks, but so far so good.
Used for baby shower shirts!
The shirt is great quality, good fit and washed well
They fit good would buy another pair
Brought this on our trip to Disney World. It holds what I need, lightweight, and the clips on the zipper pulls make it more secure. Just what I need for travel.
I love the idea of a splitted/foldable bill.
One of the belt loop came undone after the first night i wore it.
Another great Carhartt shirt.
We bought this for our oldest granddaughter for Christmas 2017 and it is absolutely gorgeous
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