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custom anime basketball shoes_custom anime nike shoes

It’s okay. The strap is so slippery that it doesn’t stay on my shoulder. But if I use it as a cross strap it’ll be fine. It will be fine for travel or somewhere I just need a light duty purse
Honestly, these briefs are the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs I’ve ever owned.
Beautiful & perfect for our newly baptized little Christian
This item broke within two hours of wear. Terrible purchase!!!
Súper bellas súper cómodas
Waists size was ok. Legs are very long
I love it!! So nice, just what I was looking for. Beautiful color and perfect size.
Good socks
ordered what was asked for....???
This sock will definitely fit a long leg and over a wide calf. At 6'1" and a thin calf, the sock is over the knee.
Brand new. Love them!
Had is super comfortable but arrived dirty which I have been unable to clean off. I've worn the hat now for a month and sweat stains are EXTREMELY VISABLE. You get what you pay for.
I always order a size larger, and fits perfectly for me. I wear under my pullover shirts to stay warmer and dryer. I will continue to purchase these.
This is exactly what I ordered. Very beautiful and lots of room for its size. Very durable and accessible. I really love it.
Perfect size. I like the ones without the decals because the decals come off sooner
My daughter loves it! This was a gift for her 15th Birthday. She carries it everywhere.
Perfect replacement. Has worked well so far!
Just beautiful and I love them!
Great glasses delivered quickly.
Good. It is adjustable. Very nice.
It was beautiful
- Fit exactly as expected.
- Looks great.
- Comfortable and relaxed fit
- Pockets are large and comfortable
- Belt that comes with it is really nice and works really well
When I cut it to become my size and not fit too long the belt kept unstitching. I put glue which helped.
Love it
I will call this a mixed review. I got the brown or tan and white stripped one back in 2017 (I believe, it has been awhile). I have no issue with how it is made or getting things in and out of it or if it has enough pockets and places for credit cards, etc. I have no problem with the side as I love big purses. I've had people come up to me in public to compliment it and I know that they thought it was some really cool designer high end bag). In fact I got a little worried someone would try to snatch it.

But here's the problem, I have to carry it using the shoulder strap and it just looks really awkward. Having had it for a few months, a tiny screw that held one of the small handles to the main part of the bag which allows the handles to be flexible, somehow started popping out of the purse so that I was lacking one of my purse handles. I really liked carrying it by the handles more so than the strap. I was fortunate every time this happened that it popped out and it either fell inside the purse where I could find it or on the ground and I found it right away. I have a little screwdriver just the perfect size (it is very small) and would replace it just for it to happen again and again. I realized I probably was going to continue to have problems like that but I had already had it for a while. Then the same happened not just with one handle and one screw, but the same problem began to happen with another screw on the other handle. And now both of those tiny screws are missing and I have no way to know if it is possible to replace them or get new handles or just take the handles and the remaining screws out which is going to make it look just as cheap, awkward and ugly as with the handles still on. Any suggestions? It doesn't seem, considering all of the positive reviews, that mine is a common problem. I really do like the purse and would have loved to get the pink and white stripped one.
Comfortable jeans.
These fit over my glasses and they are working great. I put them on in the evening and am able to get to sleep faster a few hours later.
It helps that I put it on, slide the tongue side of the belt into the ratcheting buckle, snugged it, and it fit perfectly. The buckle looks even better in person than the picture. The belt leather is high quality. I spent about half on this product than a Ralph Lauren belt that lasted about 2 years. I expect to be wearing this belt a decade from now. 5 star recommend.

The manufacturer has very, very precise and simple instructions if you need to shorten it. I suspect that few people will need to do this.
The one I received is NOT leather as advertised. That being said, it was the size I needed with all the components I wanted and a nice color. I am satisfied with this purchase even though it isn’t leather. Now I wonder if it is really rfid blocking and how would I know?
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