red S Water Bottle Carrier Bag|custom white high top vans_customized high top vans

custom white high top vans_customized high top vans

Love this hat
Comfortable glasses, low quality. The lens moves within the frame
I love this bracelet so much I've bought it 4 times. They last a while but I never take them off so eventually it will get wear and tear.
Good Product
I love this brand! Always lightweight. Great for Summer weather wearing.
I love the feel of this shirt. very comfortable.
For my wife, and she is very happy with it. She loves hiking here in Arizona and being a very fair skinned woman, she needed some shade. This hat filled that need perfectly!
I absolutely love this wallet! It has so many compartments and even holds my iPhone 11. At first I was nervous about the blossom color being too pink, but it’s actually perfect! $50 for this Michael Kors wallet is definitely a steal!
I liked having the hands free. I used it for a day outdoors.
really thin, but super comfortable Might buy a second pair. When they first arrived i thought their were a couple loose threads, but they seemed to be part of the threads they cut off and just did not remove.
This is one of the few things my daughter asked for. She loves it! Thanks!
This is a great bag, the material/fabric is much nicer than I was expecting for this price. Would recommend.
Fits well. Slight shrinkage after washing - I'd say it shrank about a quarter of a size. Not too bad.
There's so much space! I love this wallet.
My son loves this money clip. The magnet is strong, it’s not heavy, and it looks great.
The material is very thin & I bought them for my 10 yr old son, who easily puts holes in the knees.
a good product
Love the hat. Should've ordered more. My co-workers all want one. Fits perfectly.
Proud American
Finally! A hat that fits my round head and thick hair (I'm a woman). Cheaper hats constantly pop off. This one doesn't even really budge when I bend my head back. Nice and stretchy, warm, and very comfortable. I could sleep in this thing. I'll be buying more in other colors. A+
fits my readers 2 (also)
This has got to be one of the best wallets that I have ever purchased! It's roomy but not bulky.
This necklace was a lot better quality than I hoped for. I wear it all the time! Very durable and for a good price!
The pants are nice. I tried them on and they fit really well from the thigh down, but they run waaaaay too small at the waist. I'm a size 38 in Lee's regular fit jeans and Levi's 501's which fit pretty good, even a little loose depending on the pants. But these Dickies feel like 40's from the thigh down and 36's at the waist. It feels kinda weird that they're so loose at the bottom and painfully tight at the waist. I thought about ordering size 40's but I feel like they'll be too baggy since the 38's are already kinda baggy. So I'm gonna try the Lee carpenter pants in size 38, and if those don't work out I'll try the Dickies in size 40 and try my luck. My advice is to order a size bigger than you think you need.
really nice
My fiance loves them; comfy and nice colors. The medium was ordered as my fiance is a tall, slim man and it had more room than expected but then again he doesn't like anything tight so the extra room was great. They weren't baggy or anything but you can get at least 2 fingers in the waist while wearing them without them being tight. They were perfect. I would recommend. Also, they washed well and kept their color. This was a great buy.
Two of these and a couple beanies keeps my head plenty warm while working outside at night in the winter, practically standing in place for hours. The neck doesn't go down quite far enough to really tuck into a sweater, and tends to ride up and roll up while moving, but it tucks into a turtle-neck well enough that I never felt a cold wind blow down my back. The materials are silky-smooth. The vent holes in the mask are really nice, just right for letting in enough air to breathe and cooling down your face but not so big that unnecessary cold air gets in. Wearing two of these though to deal with 27F weather at night in high wind, the vent holes will never line up right and you will have moisture build up inside the mouth and beard area. Overall would recommend.
Great product. I wear them all day and night. My posture is better. My workouts are more effective. They are even comfortable to sleep in.

I tried a similar tank from Bloomingdales for $80 and it did not even compare to this tank.

While I like the fit, it would be nice if they came in a size small.
Did not last long. I hope that warranty is covered.
Most comfortable boxers iv ever worn. Super soft too.
bought online thinking it was a pretty color, looks very cheap.
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