brown Black Slip On Shoes|diy shoe and coat rack_diy shoe art

diy shoe and coat rack_diy shoe art

Its perfect in every way!
Loved this item exactly what is looks like
bought one for dad he really likes it so i bought him a second pair. I tried it it's a little heavy thats why im not giving it 5 stars
Very cute, fits nicely
To large
No surprises.
I gave this as a gift & he was very satisfied with it. Description was accurate.
I bought this as a gift. She really liked it. It is working great.
This is my third pair. Ran over one, lost another at the train station. Keep coming back.
These T shirts fit well and feel very comfortable. They are by far the least expensive of the major brands and they are just as good, and maybe better.
Very satisfied.
As a spider mutant with six legs, I needed these.
The shape of the feet are deformed on all of them. It’s only on one side. I would have given it one star, but customer service was really helpful so I gave it 2.
Fits great wicks sweat and keeps it from running into my eyes. Great product
I use this for fishing to keep gear and clothes dry and it worked out great !! All stayed dry !
I bought Hanes because this is what my husband wears, no surprises.
They can be a little bit heavy, but overall this product was amazing quality and didn't irritate my ears, and I'm very sensitive to most metals in jewelry!
While a good quality shirt it isn't up to Carhartts usual standard or fit. Normally in my size the shirts pretty roomy this one fit a bit more on the snug side and the material was much lighter than previous shirts of this style. Still it's nice shirt for the price.
good looking wallet made really good but I order forest brown but was sent buck tan.
Enjoy wearing
- Lenses pop out way too easily and they were a pain in the butt to put back in
- Ear piece broke off while putting them on my face - the plastic completely broke, so not as simple as popping it back in with the screw.
They are so cute, and even though they are small you can clearing tell their turtles. The green turtle shell is a nice green color. The backs are a good fit so I don't feel like the backs will slide off and lose a ear ring.
Love this wallet. Very thin, light and allows me to carry the essentials. The clip magnet is strong and holds a large amount of bills and receipts. Very happy with this wallet!
Everything's good, but kind of small.
Great quality T-shirts that fit well and are very comfortable. Highly recommended!
Bare bones beautiful and functional. Has straps that are not too thick but canvas reinforced like old school saddles. This bag is perfect for holding my laptop, notebooks, and supplies with a square bottom so it doesn't fall over. doesn't close on top so it could spill smaller items but I keep those in the pouch that came with it so it's not been a problem.
Purchased this for my daughter and she loves it. Runs true to size.
Bought this belt about a week ago. So far love it. Looks good and seems made with good quality. I really like the locking and release mechanism. Glad I bought it so far, fbetter than expected. I'll see how it goes 3 months from now. If it's still good, i probably will buy a few different styles.
Good Product
I got this because I have issues with basil skin cancer and I am a ginger with fair skin. The shirts fit a little tight in the upper chest and loose around the stomach. I wear my company shirt on top of it and in the FL heat, I stay cool. I was surprised by that, it has helped my skin and lessen my arms from getting burned. I bought several of these and use them around the home too.
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