mom Drawstring Bag|diy ice grips for shoes_diy ice cleats

diy ice grips for shoes_diy ice cleats

Very nice for every day use. Can also use as a cross body . Worth the money, would have to pay more if the strap were leather .
Perfect summer robe for hubby - he loves it.
Great sunglasses! The lenses really brighten up the view when trying to protect your eyes from the bright sun. The frame is super comfortable and is easily adjustable too.
My husband has been wearing these pants for work for years! They last forever and wash well..It it nice to be able to order by waist and length, even odd lengths. Great price and fast shipping!
Great color
Very comfortable. My husband is 6’ about 190lbs and the large fits him well.
I blow my nose in them, use them as headbands to absorb perspiration (not at the same time) & they don't fall apart (my fingers & hands don't get yucky). Are way better than a shirtsleeve.
These are not as heavy a material as those offered in years past (suspect planned obsolescence & other profit motivations).
Made in China (suspect union labor in USA is not cost effective, as usual).
Gf objects when I wear them in the top pocket of my sport or suit coats for the 'decorative' hanky. Can't figure thattun out, but then is only a male. Waits for the tux adornment.
While all the pockets a little tight, I think that will work out as it ages. The RFID blocking works great! I have to find a new place to keep my transit pass.
Comfortable sock but a little tight. 10 1/2 shoe size for reference.
Really cute! Super soft, happy with my purchase. Will buy again
well made hat
My 9 yr old daughter is very picky about clothing & her comfort level, especially when she’s just chilling at home. She loves to be fashionable when we go out, but when she’s at home, comfort is her #1 priority. Her favorite things to wear around the house are big adult sized t shirts & hoodies borrowed from family members that are very roomy & comfy. When I saw this Comfy thing on Amazon I thought it looked perfect for her, especially since she gets cold easily, especially indoors during the summer because we like to keep our AC cold. Well I was right & she def loves this thing, especially after drying off when she gets out of the shower, as that’s when she’s usually the coldest is when her long hair is wet. The only slight complaint I have is that it’s actually a little *too* warm to wear in the house (which was my main purpose for buying this), even for a kid who gets cold very easily. I tried it on & even in my very cold, very air conditioned bedroom, I got hot really fast & had to get it off me. This thing is super warm & unfortunately it’s not breathable at all. My daughter mentioned that she feels a bit suffocated in it. It would be a perfect gift for a homeless person in the winter lol. (Seriously though, it really would.) I’m hoping she’ll get more use out of it in the fall & winter. I would love to see them make a lighter weight version of this, because then I think she’d live in it! She does love how she can pull her legs into it and says it’s very snuggly. Just wish it wasn’t quite so hot!
Nice color assortment.
The quality is outstanding! He loved it!
This backpack is so cute! great quality, good price. ❤
The shirt is well-constructed, roomy/comfortable fit, and made of quality cotton. My only desire would be that it would be a bit softer, but that will probably occur through multiple laundry cycles. Would definitely buy again.
Like a Glove.
good product
I use this once a week for deep exfoliation. Takes off all the dead skin cells, and leaves skin brighter and smoother!
These are very pretty earrings! Color is a vibrant purple. I like that they come with two sets of backings. Appear to be of good quality, especially for such a good price. In a nice gift box. Would have given 5 stars if they were larger as shown in the website photo.
it frames and hillites your gut. holds ur pants up. focus on ur gut
Wore this twice and the lava rock cracked a piece off. The metal is also very cheaply made. It has tarnished and lost color very very quickly. Like I stated, I only wore this twice.
Great fear, great for hot day of working.
It was too big for me
I bought this for my son he really like it.
Socks have held up well.
Nice complaints.
These sunglasses have very good lenses, which reduce glare and eye strain. The frames are very light weight and comfortable. However, the arms are not designed properly. They are too short. When the arms are closed, their ends rub against the inside of the lenses. The result is a gradual scuffing in the corner of the lens that eventually begins to obscure vision.
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