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The underwear rides up even though i bought the bigger size. Im a 32 waist and the large rides up to much to be very active in them.
also the tape that the came package with left a residue that i cant get out of any of the pairs.
I liked the purse as a whole but I wish it had more structure.
My daughter loves this purse!
Awesome product! Will be ordering more stuff.
I love it. I wear it almost everyday. The only thing I dislike about it is the clasp is very small but ive gotten used to it.
Size 13-14 shoe works perfect for me. Would order again
The item came as described. I love the color and style of this bag. I would say its a small to medium bag. Youre able to fit most of your everyday essentials such as keys, lip gloss, phone, and etc inside with enough room. However, im eager to see how well this bag holds up since I notice the leather is like a soft thin leather. But we will see
I had one from a company that has gone out of business. The fit and support was great. This shirt is almost exactly the same. Good quality and provides the slimming appearance I wanted
They are great. They feel great. The quality is good sets your hair in place. Met my standards.
My head size is 23 inches exactly. Reading others reviews it sounded like the hats fit a bit bigger so I chose the medium. It was too tight so an easy exchange later the large arrived. It fits perfect. I like the look and feel. I haven't had it long so cannot comment
on its durability.
Disappointing durability for the price. Loved them at first, had a great fit. After <1.5 months of wear (1-2x per week) the stitching connecting the elastic seam to the garment started to unravel.
Stretched out like a bell on the first wash
My son was quite excited to receive this. Unfortunately, the battery appears to have died less than 48 hours of him wearing it! I am very dissappointed!!!
Nice shirt for the price, but the material was not as nice as I was expecting. Feels cheap and scratchy.
well made.
Bought for my husband since he needed new wallet. Never bought this type before & was worried it may not go over well. He actually LOVES it. Its been by far the best wallet he has ever had & he brags on it often. He likes the fact he can have it in his front pocket instead of always having to grab it out of his back pocket instead.
Love this necklace. Looks vey expensive. Definitely recommend it.
Love them
Bought this for my daughter's fifth birthday and she LOVES it! It's unbelievably soft and the belt is sewn in so she can't lose it. Perfect for her!
Great transaction. Lovely wallet. For the past 30 years all I've owned were Buxton wallets with a separate change purse. This was the closest 'bill fold' I could find to my last one that was over 12 years old. I was happy to find it, pleased with the price and how quickly I received it. It's my first black wallet, so that's change enough, LOL.
Very beautiful!!!
I wear a size 10.5, and after washing, they are extremely tight, and short. I could not imagine wearing these with a size 12, unless you had a foot the size of a child, otherwise.
Comfortable and great fit exactly what I wanted and just ordered 2 more pairs
Best $20 sunglasses I've ever bought
Very happy with
High quality! Best thing I could do for myself. I recently lost a wallet and it was a pain in the a$$ to say the least. So this wallet with chain is just what I needed. The price point is excellent.
These are so cute. My daughter loves them
Great transaction. As advertised
this was for my 3-1/2 year old daughter. she loves it with the pretty princesses and it's very nice but she wore it three times at home and the band is already falling apart for a three time wearing,
I needed a decoy wallet. This is serving its purpose. I have this wallet in my back pocket getting broken in before my international trip. I have random UNO and playing cards inside the slots. As well as coca-cola labels, receipts I found at random places, random pictures from magazines, and monopoly money in the cash pocket. If someone steals this wallet, I'll just be out the cost of the wallet and not lose anything of value. Search for Baliloca for a travel wallet. This may block RFID but it's low band 13Mhz not 140Mhz which is some international hotel key cards. Smarter not harder. Keep your passport in your baliloca and let this thing get stolen instead... Yeah it's expensive, but if you do it right, they take this instead, it looks nice (and broken in), it feels heavy from the decoy gear, if they flip through it real fast they will see the junk in it and think they got something decent. You walk away, sans stab wounds, they are deterred for a while and feeling stupid for falling for a ruse after finding nothing inside.

Other than that, this wallet is garbage. Doesn't hold credit cards like shown in the picture. The slots are much smaller. And as stated in the header, doesn't block all rfid bands. It may work for you, but as for me this is just a decoy wallet. My main wallet is a leather Kenneth Cole Reaction with matching leather keychain. It goes perfectly with the keys to the CLS 550 AMG. That's why I spend 20$ on a decoy wallet if you were wondering... Smarter not harder. I came from nothing, I know the streets and know the game. BALI-LOCA, they are big, they are leather, the are expensive, they are worth it because they are safe and cut proof. (like bag slitting (thievery) not stab proof). In other countries at some public restrooms kids will run in while you are standing at the urinal and take your wallet out your back pocket knowing most Americans won't chase a kid with their doodle in their hand in public. And if you wait, by the time you stop and zip up, they are long gone... With your decoy wallet... Either way. Someone comes at you in an alley and says gimme your wallet. You hand them this fat broken in decoy thing, you throw it away from where you are running. They go for the wallet, you go the other way. That's all this wallet is good for... Throwing on the ground or getting stolen. If you are wallet shopping and were considering this... Don't.
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