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I really liked this bag. It was very well made and exactly as described, EXCEPT the size. The photos make it look bigger. I was looking for a travel satchel and this is really more of med/large purse. So I'm afraid that I had to return it. If I had been looking for a really great purse, this would have been perfect, though.
Like the looks of Mask
as described
Love them however I thought all Oakleys come with the hard case? I guess that is why they were so much cheaper then at the store.
Cheaply made hat very very lightweight and camo print is off.
love it
Cheap and holds up well doing construction/yard work. Doesn't look terrible either
Gift for granddaughter, she loved it.
For the price it's great! Very durable and cute. I spilled almost an entire bottle of beer in mine and was able to rinse it out and have it be dry the next morning, no stains!
I am really enjoying this belt. I wear TAC pants all the time. This is one of the nicest (for the price) I have gotten. I have noticed people complaining about it not staying tight, I do not have that issue. Easy release, but doesn't come undone if you accidentally hit one of the release tabs, good fit, feel and definitely sturdy. I did a stress test already. Hooked it to the door and pulled to make sure it didn't come loose. I can't give it 5 stars because I have to take off the one side to feed it through the loops. If the end was smaller to do so I would have no issue giving it 5. My lifestyle is active and im up and down a lot at work Thank you for the awesome product.
Hey, they hold my dungarees up when I am out in the yard working. They are heavy duty, strong, and well made. Dickies is a name to bet on when it comes to industrial strength.
I love this shirt, wish they stock it again in Large. TTS (True To Size)
I received exactly what I ordered and am very satisfied with the purchase.

Since I purchased these t-shirts at a price that is significantly lower than what you'd expect to pay at a brick and mortar store, I was a little worried they would be defective in some way. Nevertheless, these shirts look great, fit great, and feel great. The white is crisp and bright, and the shirts fit exactly like a medium is supposed to fit.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and fully intend on buying more in the future.

Please let me know if you found this review helpful. Thanks!
It is great but I think not for summer
Run really small... fabric is stiff... but onces washed a few times they do soften.
smaller than expected in waist so maybe buy a size larger. Inseam is fine though. Simple and comfortable. Would buy again.
Fantastic, showed a buddy and he picked one up and loves it also.
Worth the money and far better than being constricted by a belt.
A little on the dark side, but ok
Love the look but within 2 weeks of receiving it 2 rivits came out of one strap . Now I can't use
If I could give it 10 stars, I would. The color is gorgeous and the material is beautiful. Very nice gold snap and chain details. Very functional. Only suggestion would be to have a removable matching lanyard for some folks who might want to use one. But overall, thank you!
Light weight on ears
I have raybans but didn't want to keep them in my car anymore since there were a few car break ins in my neighborhood. So I wanted a cheap pair to just throw in there. Wow, these were great. Even came with a case though I don't use it. I ended up getting a second pair for my wifes car. Might just buy 5 more to get a few different colors. Heck 10 pairs cost as much as my raybans and they are exactly the same.

Update - 6 months later: Still using the original ones I bought and just bought a 2nd pair. Great glasses for the money.
It's not leather but it works for what I need it for.. although I keep my RFID card for my apartment gate in this and it's able to read it through the wallet, so I don't believe it blocks RFID at all.
Had to really stretch them first to get them on. Hopefully they will stretch for comfort
I love this handbag. As a mom of 2, small purses just don't work for me. I have only had it a couple of weeks so I can't say how long it will last but well worth the price if you need your purse to hold a lot of stuff. Also pockets are handy to keep up with the things you don't want to get lost in the bottom or need to find quickly.

Update to review: December. The liner tore in a couple of months and all my stuff started getting lost between the liner and purse and the handle started to fray. Threw it in the trash. Cheap bag. Save your money if you want something that lasts longer than a couple of months. 5 stars to 1 star
Shirt wrinkles very easy.
This is a really good product but I ordered a 2 pack of 4 oz tubes (as it says in the description) and what I got was 2.8 oz tubes that is why I gave it 1 star.
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